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Joe Printz: Blurred Visionary & Shop Owner

Feel free to try and stump the chump and see if there's a dish he can't pair a wine with.

Of course that means you'll have to come in and buy some wine, and then go home and cook some food. You're welcome.

Need a recipe? Joe is generous with that, too. He's wants you to look good!

Recovering chef Joe spent years in the restaurant business in DC and NYC, but there came a time to come back home to roost and Joe opened the first Grape D’Vine in Sparkill. In 2013 he moved to the current location as he plotted the opening of DVine Bar.

He and Chopped Champion partner Chef Chris Holland have crushed it and given many people a reason to return time and again to the scene of the dine. And because the pizzas were such a crazy good menu item there, they decided to spin it off last July with DVine Pie in Piermont. Haven't been yet? WTF are you waiting 4?

Come and be a part of the madness that is DVine.

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Heidi Normand Berge: Assistant Manager & Wine Educator

The connections between humans and the land we live upon has always been of deep interest to me. From my youth spent as a makeup artist to my 10+ years in the Environmental Education field to my time at an artisinal Pork Farm, and then my whirlwind year selling wine to shops & restaurants, the constant thread between all of these positions has been my passion for education.

Who would’ve known that my multitudinous jobs, and degrees in Environmental Education and Creative Non Fiction would have prepared me for the one career I never planned for.


Wine began to replace the blood in my veins a little over 5 years ago when I needed a job, having left the wholesale side of wine. As much as I loved wine, and had an affinity for sales, the wholesale side lacked, in my experience, meaning. Because for me, teaching, on one level or another, is what I’ve always loved to do.

Fast forward to today, and on top of writing our weekly newsletter ( you can subscribe here), managing our websites, shop schedule, social media & marketing, tastings & classes, I get to teach people about wine and help them find what will pair with whatever is on the menu.

From Chardonnay & steak (you read that right) to Cheetos & Châteauneuf-du-Pape, I’ve got a wine pairing that will knock your socks off…that is, if you’re wearing socks.

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Marilee Bostic: Sales Associate & Sommelier

Marilee loves wine. 

And food. 

And food with her wine. 

Oh yeah, she’s got credentials as a Certified Sommelier and Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), and she most recently earned her WSET Diploma (DipWSET) -

…but most importantly, she gets a kick out of selecting wines that will tickle your taste buds.

 Want to become a stellar wine taster? 

Just ask, and she’ll walk you through the fundamentals. 

Want to try something new, wacky, or sexy?  Marilee will pick out a few of her favorites that match your flavor profile and what you’re planning to eat. 

She’s got your back (and your wine too).

Be sure to check out Wine Sunshine, Marilee’s blog that showcases her independent wine reviews and wine travel adventures.

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Kris Kugaczewski: Part-Time Wine Pimp (sales associate.)

A Queens native, Kris spent 30 years working in her family’s restaurant, The Waterfront Crabhouse in Long Island City, NY. Then she moved to Sparkill, NY and wanted to apply her many years of hospitality experience to her love and interest in all things wine, so she stumbled (literally) into The Grape D’Vine and asked, “Hey, if ya’ll are looking for someone...I’m available.” This was Heidi & Joe’s response via post it on her front door…

“We Want You”!

Seriously, who gets a post it with “We Want You!” on their front door- other than someone wanted by the IRS.

And so her journey began.

“I love The Grape D’Vine! The juxtaposition between Joe & Heidi’s passion, knowledge, professionalism, and down-right caring in the selection of the wine that they bring into the store, coupled with their creativity, levity, humor and ability to show the “fun” side of wine & spirits was something I desperately wanted in my life. I am learning more about Wine & Spirits every day, and hope to be a part of this “family” for years to come.”  

Footnote: Heidi is short...I also think she hired me because I'm taller and can reach the top shelves….

Just sayin’.”